EnergyLogicIQTM – Energy Intelligence Platform

EnergyLogicIQTM is more than your regular energy management software - it is a cloud based energy intelligence platform. It helps you achieve and maintain energy savings.  It gathers enterprise wide energy data. Software algorithms then perform more than 130 million calculations on this data to pinpoint causes of energy loss, inefficient  assets and identify areas for improvements.


Energy Intelligence as a ServiceTM

We help you get the best results from your investment in LogicEnergyIQ. Our best in class energy experts will help you reduce your energy costs. Maintain savings year on year. And all this without taking any headache. Our energy experts validate the results of the energy & asset intelligence system. They also guide you on an ongoing basis to maintain the savings achieved.

Easy & Hassle Free

We provide energy and asset intelligence as a service. We are your energy efficiency outsourcing partner. We take away your entire headache of reducing energy costs. You can just relax back and enjoy the savings we bring.

Result Driven

We believe savings speak louder than words and reports. We just don’t deliver energy saving devices or software, but the savings itself. We implement the right tools to find out where your organization is wasting energy. We then help you implement the right actions, with defined ROI's, to reduce wastage and costs.

Why LogicLadder?

We help you take control of your energy costs and bring them down by as much as 25%. We are a full service energy saving company. We are revolutionizing the delivery of energy efficiency to businesses across India. See why Tata Motors, PISPL, Dew, Electrotech and many similar organizations chose to work with us.

Asset Intelligence Solutions

Smart Grid Transformer Monitoring

Transformer Monitoring Reduce Transformer damage and downtime with online condition monitoring.Prevent faults that are costly to repair and result in a loss of service. Optimize maintenance schedules and extend the life of your transformers.

Generator Intelligence

Generator Monitoring We can help you improve generator performance, cut operation costs and reduce environment impact. Monitoring generator fuel consumption and condition online can prevent faults that result in a loss of service or higher fuel consumption.

Cold Chain Intelligence

Cold Chain Monitoring Remotely monitor HVAC, temperatures and other environmental parameters of your warehouses from anywhere online and in real time. With this you can reduce operations cost while reducing costly damage.

Act Now!

The cost of delaying could be substantial. On an average, an organization can waste up to 30% energy due to inefficiencies. How much money is your organization wasting?  Get Started