The Sustainability Cloud

Our Water Monitoring & Management System is an IIoT based facility to manage all your water resources and meet regulatory compliances.

Get in-depth details of your water parameters

Monitor water parameters online

Monitor essential parameters like temperature, pressure, depth in real-time with our water quality management system.

Perform water usage analysis

Water usage analysis to identify hotspots of leakages, points of excessive water usage, and sewer overflows.

Improve production process with water embodied data

Insights into Embodied water data to reduce water wastage in production processes.

Meet regulatory compliances with confidence

Regulatory Compliance Reports

Meet regulatory compliance across geographies with support for CPCB,CWGA (India), DMR reporting directly to the state or EPA (USA), MUMPS and CCR etc.

Violations and anomaly detection

Automated violation and anomaly detection engine of our water monitoring system helps you identify deviations and potential non-compliance. Pre-build rules and support for global regulations.

Key features

Monitor water data of Municipal and Groundwater from a single dashboard.

Alerts over SMS and Email to perform on-time repairs.

Penalty calculation features inside our water monitoring system helps you in financial planning.

Create water sampling schedules and get an automated reminder for upcoming sampling events.

Automatic report generation to ease your submission of water reports to regulators.

Leverage our API integration with regulators that provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automated compliance reporting.

Meet water monitoring and compliance with The Sustainability Cloud