Looking for a Groundwater Monitoring Telemetry System?

As per the latest CGWA guidelines, it’s mandatory for industries extracting more than 10 cubic meters of water to get NOC and also install an IoT System for Groundwater Monitoring.

We at LogicLadder offer – Groundwater Monitoring System: The Sustainability Cloud, which complies with the necessary guidelines issued by the CGWA.

Latest Guidelines Issued by Central Ground Water Authority(CGWA) on Groundwater Monitoring

  1. After getting the NOC, you must install the groundwater telemetry system in all your existing groundwater abstraction structures within 90 days of the NOC receipt.
  2. Failing to install the Groundwater telemetry system, or a running on faulty system may result in a penalty of Rs 2,000,00 as per the gazette notification.

The Sustainability Cloud: IoT Based Groundwater Monitoring System

Components of the Sustainability Cloud

Our Sustainability Cloud system comprises the following components:

  1. Borewell Level Transmitter
  2. Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  3. IoT Cloud Connector
  4. Sustainability Cloud Platform – Your dashboard to view all the insights.  

Features of The Sustainability Cloud

Our system allows you to keep an eye on the following parameters:

  1. Water Flow
  2. Power Supply
  3. Water Temperature
  4. Pressure
  5. Depth
  6. Level

Benefits of using The Sustainability Cloud 

  1. 24X7 real-time monitoring of level, flow, temperature and pressure.
  2. Manage your water quality data.
  3. Generate reports for internal use or sharing purposes.
  4. Get alerts over email and SMS for better planning and maintenance.
  5. Forecasting and baselining to prevent over extraction and meet the required set limits.

Requirements for installing The Sustainability Cloud 

  1. Make sure that all your Flowmeters and Level Transmitters are in working condition.
  2. Your Flowmeter should come with a Rs 485 Interface. 
  3. Your Level Transmitter should come with a 4-20 ma interface.
  4. For internet connectivity, you can opt for GPRS sim, WiFi, or LAN.
  5. You must arrange a UPS(uninterrupted power supply) for the IoT Cloud Connector.
  6. You must provide a copy of NOC and other documentation required for CGWA compliance to LogicLadder’s team.

Final Wordings

This was the necessary detail on CGWA Guidelines and an overview of our Groundwater Monitoring System – The Sustainability Cloud, that we have built as per compliances of latest CGWA guidelines.

Contact us now to get (1-1) assistance on CGWA Guidelines, NOC, and the Groundwater Telemetry System.

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