Generator Monitoring

Is your generator a drain on your pocket, and the environment too?

If yes, we can help you improve generator performance, cut operation costs and reduce environment impact. It’s easy to forget how much we depend on power, until the power goes out. Having a standby generator can be great when the power goes out. At the same time, standby generators are not foolproof, and many issues can arise. Monitoring generator condition online can prevent faults that are costly to repair and result in a loss of service or higher fuel consumptions. We help you implement solutions for online monitoring of generators. You can then use information to avoid sudden and costly failures - reduce fuel theft - while optimizing maintenance schedules and extending the life of your generators.

How does it work?

We install sensors and smart devices, on the generator, that monitor various parameters such as - power generated, battery voltage, run hours, fuel level, etc. A gateway device then communicates these readings to our central server over the internet. The gateway works on GPRS, Wireless or Ethernet technology. You can then log onto the web application and view generator parameters, create reports – anywhere - and any time. Typical reports include generator status, fuel and maintenance reports etc.


Improve Generator Performance – Monitor key generator performance metrics like - total energy produced, energy produced per liter of fuel, power quality and RMS parameters. If performance falls, you can take timely actions to bring performance back to acceptable level.

Reduce Maintenance Costs – Get information like hours run, battery voltages and temperature trends. You can use this information to schedule maintenance. This can reduce sudden downtime, overall maintenance cost and fuel consumption.

Prevent Fuel Theft – With the sustained rise of global energy prices, fuel costs are a major part of the total cost of ownership. Fuel cost could be as high as 60% of total cost of operations for a typical diesel generator running for about seven hours per day. This cost is driving many organizations to manage their generators more efficiently or consider other power system options. If you believe that, your generators are consuming more than required fuel. A possible reason could be fuel theft. You can easily identify fuel theft by comparing fuel consumption with actual power generation and fuel receipts.

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