We help you identify energy wastage. Reduce it. And save energy and money.

Every plant or facility wastes energy in hundreds of places and processes. We help you identify this wastage and reduce it. Our energy management solution helps you reduce financial and environmental impact of wasteful energy consumption by effectively managing energy use and the factors that affect it. We help both small and large organizations in measuring, analyzing and reducing energy costs by up to 30%.

We make it easy to implement energy management solution

With our energy management experts, implementing energy management in your facility is easy and quick. We provide the following services as part of the energy management solution:

Continuous Targeting & Optimization Services

We help you to continuously improve and reduce energy consumption with:

  • Data Analysis – Analyzing your data for energy wastage
  • Data Comparing - Comparing energy consumption to an appropriate standard or benchmark
  • Setting Targets - Set targets to reduce energy consumption
  • Monitoring - Compare energy consumption to the set target on a regular basis
  • Reporting -Report results and any variances from targets
  • Controlling -Implement measures to correct any variances, which may have occurred

How does our energy management solution save energy?

Our energy management saves energy in three steps:

Monitor: Track how much energy you have used by day, month or week. Monitor your power quality, peak demands and other vital parameters that effect energy consumption.

Analyze: Analyze, compare and view energy statistics like – always on power, ghost loads, power quality issues, breakup of energy usage, and consumption across a period.

Control: Predict your energy uses and budget it. Identify wastage. Improve power quality. Get training on how to save energy from our certified trainers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy Management Software (EMS)?
Energy Management Software (EMS) is a class of software that deals specifically with reducing energy costs and consumption for buildings, plants or communities. EMS collects energy data from a variety of sources and uses it for four main purposes: Reporting, Monitoring, Control and Engagement.
Why should I use an EMS (Energy Management Software)?
Energy is a cost center and managing it using an EMS can reduce energy consumption up to 20%. This helps you improve budgeting, reduce costs and GHG (Green House Gases) emission.
What is the benefit of Engaging?
Letting occupants know their real-time consumption alone can be responsible for a 7% reduction in energy consumption. Also, quantify and demonstrate sustainable practices to potential employees and clients.
What all hardware is required?
Break your energy consumptions into cost centers. For each cost center, install an energy meter at the feeder panel. Install a energy management software to continuously monitor and log data from these energy meters.
Can I use any meter and sensor?
You can use any meter that has open communication protocol (like MODBUS) or pulse output.
At what interval is data acquired from devices?
We support intervals of 1 min to 15 min.
What is the usual payback period?
The payback period is 12 to 24 months.

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