Financial Savings

Companies that take a systematic and strategic approach to energy management can enjoy a broad array of tangible and intangible benefits. Increasingly financial analysts and institutional investors have started to understand this; energy efficiency is becoming another measure by which they assess companies.

Financial Benefits

Minimal Capital

LogicLadder allows you to reduce energy costs with minimal capital investments. You can potentially save money from day 180. Our Managed Energy & Asset Intelligence as a Service provides you the opportunity to reduce energy costs without investment in domain knowledge or software.

Reduce Operating Costs from Day 180

Most commercial and office buildings use 10% to 30% more energy than necessary. When your business starts acting on Energy & Asset Intelligence, your energy costs will drop significantly. As energy rates continue to rise, your savings will grow every year.

Competitive Low Price

LogicLadders's experience managing megawatt consumers and our relationships with top equipment manufacturers and financial institutions allow us to pass our lower costs on to our customers.

Ongoing Monitoring, Targeting & Savings

With our Managed Energy & Asset Intelligence as a Service Agreement, you do not need to worry about ongoing efforts required to reduce energy costs. Our services include ongoing monitoring service to ensure you are maximizing your investments in energy savings year on year.

Mitigate Energy Market Risk

An increasingly complex and volatile energy marketplace has placed a new emphasis on measuring and maximizing energy productivity. It is important to monitor and control the product output or business value of every dollar of energy expenditure. LogicLadder helps your measure and maximize energy productivity.

Fully Leverage Government Incentives

LogicLadder helps you take advantage of central, state and local incentives, grant programs and depreciation.

Enhanced Image

Companies that have aggressive and proactive environmental policies stand to gain reputational advantages among customers, employees, regulators, the media, and others.

Improved Reliability

Energy management practices also ensure the reliability of equipment and manufacturing processes. This reduces risks and costs due to equipment and process failures.

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How Energy Efficiency Affects the Bottom Line?

  • Energy is usually the largest operating expense in an office and retail space. Reducing energy use by 30% is equivalent to increasing net operating income by 5%.
  • Cutting a building’s energy use by 30% yields the same bottom-line benefits as a 3% increase in rental income or a 5% increase in net operating income.
  • Businesses that lead in energy efficiency use about 30% less energy than their competitors do.
  • Reducing a hotels energy cost by just 10% is equivalent to a $0.62 average daily rate (ADR) increase for limited-service hotels and a $1.35 ADR increase for full service hotels.
  • Hospitals and nursing homes can boost operating margins by 1.8% by reducing energy costs by just 5%.