Reduce your energy costs. Maintain savings year on year. And all this without taking any headache.

Energy & Asset Intelligence

Today, most organization waste energy in some way or the other. They want to reduce cost, but do not know how. So they spend a lot of time just figuring out how. Then they come across a vendor who sells a few meters and an energy monitoring software to them. Do they attain savings? No, in one of our survey we found out that 83% of such organizations were not able to reduce costs. In case of 43% of the organizations, the so-called energy management system became redundant in a year. The problem was not with the hardware or software these vendors supplied. Then what was the problem?...

The problem was two folds - first these so called energy management software were just visualization application for meter data, they lacked intelligence to reduce energy wastage. Second, there was limited energy domain knowledge inside the organization to use this data to save energy.

So we decided to solve this problem, from its root. We redesigned how energy management process works, from the ground up. And we’ve invented Energy Intelligence as a Service – a service that delivers the savings not just the energy meters and a piece of software. So the service has a mixture of hardware, software and our experts. It offers energy intelligence through combination of artificial and human intelligence.

Our energy experts and energy intelligence algorithms together perform more than 130 million calculations to pinpoint causes of energy loss, identify areas for improvements and propose these improvements to you. We provide the entire hardware, software and the experts to provide the Energy Intelligence needed to reduce energy costs.

Why do I need your energy intelligence, I have enough of it?

You have enough energy intelligence in house, good. But you can still try our free consultation. If you are among the energy efficiency enterprise, our consultant will help you validate that – and that too without charge.

What does Energy Intelligence as a Service Deliver?

Our Energy Intelligence service delivers 5% to 25% reduction in energy costs. All this through:

Analyze your entire energy cost including fuel, gas, renewable, etc. and not just utility energy costs. We then help you optimize you energy basket to reduce overall costs.

Savings of up to 7% are possible by changing habits of people using energy. Public displays that make people aware of how their actions are leading to more energy consumption or energy savings.

Monitor and manage your maximum demand and reduce costs by managing it better.

Identify power quality issues, eliminate them and maintain quality of power supply.

LogicLadder can recommend energy upgrades and repairs to improve your organizations efficiency, such as insulation, water heaters, heating and cooling equipment, transformers etc.

Our focus is on the saving and not just selling you a piece of hardware or software. We help you track ROI of every penny that you spend on saving energy.