Clear Insights.
Cleaner Environment.

A revolutionary software for clear insight into your environment data,
so that you can be empowered to work for a cleaner environment.

IoT and Big Data
A revolutionary environment platform

EnviroLogicIQ is the next generation software for insight into your environment data. Powered by real time IoT technology for communication and Big Data for data storage and analytics.


How it's work?

Any device. Any Network.
Real-Time environment monitoring

EnviroLogicIQ leverages M2M and IoT telemetry technology to acquire ambient air, emission and water data. With 99.99% uptime it makes gathering data from remote devices over GPRS, satellite and broadband highly reliable.

Save yourself the trouble to visit remote sites. Remote device management.*

EnviroLogicIQ supports remote device diagnostics and management so that you do not have to travel to those remote sites for each change in station configuration and calibration. It will detect when your devices are having issues and alert you.

*Possible if your remote station supports configuration interface

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Automatic device and data diagnostics

EnviroLogicIQ continuously checks for station downtime and missing data. It triggers an alert over email and sms when there issues with station connectivity or acquired data.

Visualize data on Maps and dashboards

EnviroLogicIQ comes with powerful visualization and reporting tools so that you can view data the way you want to. You can set schedules for automatic reports to be emailed to you and your team.

Statistical analysis for greater insights

EnviroLogicIQ has support for statistical analysis of data stored so that you can have more valuable insights into your environment data.

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Improve accountability with Audit Logs

Audit log tracks all changes and corrections to any data or device. With audit logs it is easy to find who performed a specific task, when, and why. Data flags, station & data quality scores, and workflow enable you to track and manage data quality and change request with greater accountability.

Real time video streaming and storage

Keep an eye on your environment stations, even when they are miles away. EnergyLogicIQ helps you stream and store video from your remote environment stations. Mark the areas your camera can see like station door then get a smart alert when there’s motion there. Optional cloud recording automatically saves video on a rolling basis from the past week or month.

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Data validation and correction workflow
Big data to monitor at any scale
Dashboards, report and export functionality
Device diagnostic, management and remote calibration
Realtime data acquisition over GPRS, LAN, Satellite
Real time camera streaming
Create custom reports to meet your enterprise MIS needs
Alerts over email and sms

Use Cases

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