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Datalogger MSR 255

Autonomous LCD data-logger with up to 5 sensors and 4 analogue inputs. 4 row LCD matrix display • records temperature, rel. humidity, pressure, light and/or 3-axis acceleration.

Datalogger MSR145WD

Versatile, the size of a thumb, with display and Bluetooth Low Energy: the new MSR145WD wireless data logger.

Datalogger MSR160

Mini logger with a memory capacity for over 1bn Measurement values & 4 analogue inputs.It have highest performance in the smallest space. It can also connect external sensors in place of the internal ones.

Datalogger MSR165

MSR165 is 3-axis shock logger for long-term measurements up to 6 months. It is capable of stroing over 2 million measured values. It required low power due to its high performance 3-axis accelerometer .


A simple yet powerful cloud based energy intelligence and management platform.

EnergyLogicIQ For Generators

Thousands of generator owners reduce operating and fuel costs with EnergyLogicIQ.


A revolutionary remote environment monitoring IoT platform for insight into your environment data.