EnergyLogicIQ works hard to save energy, so you don’t have to.

EnergyLogicIQ makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon - so that missed insights do not become missed opportunities.

kWh spend = $ spend

Take control of where and how you spend this money with EnergyLogicIQ.

Wondering how a software can save energy and money?

Most of our customers started with this question. Until they realized that they have no control on money they spend in form of energy. Where it's being spent? Is it rightly being spent?

The Problem - Lack Of Insight And Preventive Action

How much money do you spend on energy in your facility? Now think where do you spend all this money? You won’t be able to even account for 50% of energy use, leave aside knowing where to save. Even when you know where you are wasting it, you cannot be working on it 24 x 7 to prevent misuse. Independent researches have shown that you can waste up to 30% of energy in your facility.

What if you could do all this?

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EnergyLogicIQ is the next generation energy intelligence platform that helps you save energy. Easily.

Acquire Energy Data that matters

EnergyLogic acquires asset and energy data from smart meters, sensors, devices, enterprise systems, automation systems and people. Our energy expert would understand your facility and guide you on data that needs to be acquired.

Timely alerts that stop wastage

EnergyLogicIQ alerts you when it suspects potential wastage or issues. You can then take corrective actions that can reduce costly wastage.

More Insights for more savings

Get meaningful insights into your energy data. Reports and dashboard that let you know where you are spending your energy, which assets are inefficient and also tips on where you can save.

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Auto Save

EnergyLogicIQ in built intelligence will understand your facility and operations when it had collected 180 days of data. Our machine learning algorithms will them kick in and make suggestions about potential opportunities to save.

Billing Intelligence

Predict energy costs, verify energy bills against measures usage, manage demand and reduce billing peanlties.

Engage for change

Any energy measure initiative will fail till you do not involve people who use this energy. EnergyLogicIQ makes it possible for people, devices and software to collaborate together for greater savings.

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Don’t lose opportunities. Act.

Most people have great ideas on how energy can be saved. Capture all such ideas from your mobile. EnergyLogicIQ will then make sure that someone acts upon these ideas and they just don’t get lost in a busy enterprise.

Track Savings

Track your energy saving initiatives and measure savings from them.


Your energy saving journey with EnergyLogicIQ:



energy saving journey


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