The Sustainability Cloud

Our Groundwater monitoring system is a fully-featured IoT platform for a sustainable water future and to meet regulatory compliance.


Our IoT powered groundwater monitoring (telemetry) and compliance management system helps you digitize the process of data collection, management, and reporting. Hundreds of organizations globally use our software to meet regulatory compliance in groundwater management.

Monitor Groundwater extraction, level and quality

Acquire data in realtime

IoT Gateways and Edge Gateways help you acquire real-time groundwater data from level sensors and flow meters. Measure level, pressure, flow, quantity etc.

Manage water quality data

Automated workflows and data scheduling to collect quality data accurately and with speed.

Data quality verification

Automated data checks and anomaly detection for keeping your data clean and disclosure grade.

Hassle free compliance management for groundwater

Regulatory Compliance Reports

Meet regulatory compliance across geographies with support for CPCB, CWGA (India), DMR reporting directly to the state or EPA (USA), MUMPS and CCR etc.

Violations and anomaly detection

Automated violation and anomaly detection engine of our groundwater monitoring system helps you identify deviations and potential non-compliance. Pre-build rules and support for global regulations.

Key features

Acquire data in a central repository from instruments, sensors, SCADA, water testing labs, and other sources.

Alerts and notifications via email, SMS and mobile push notification to make you’re aware of any exceedance.

In-built calculations for penalties and tariffs in our groundwater monitoring system help you understand and forecast financial impact.

Create water sampling schedules and get an automated reminder for upcoming sampling events.

Schedule automatic report or manual workflow for generation and email of reports to regulators.

Leverage our API integration with regulators that provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for automated compliance reporting.

Meet groundwater monitoring and compliance with accuracy and confidence.