The Sustainability Cloud

Achieve your net zero vision with a single platform

Powerful data automation

Acquire data in realtime

IoT Gateways and Edge Gateways help you acquire real time data on energy, water and emission directly from sensors or automation systems. 

Automated workflows

Automated workflows and data scheduling to collect data accurately and with speed. Acquire data across your value chain.

Integration and API

Acquire all your sustainability data into single repository with our powerful third party integrations and API. 

Auditable and quality sustainability data

Auditable data records

Full auditable record of data generation, change request and correction.

Data quality verification

Automated data checks and anomaly detection for keeping your data clean and disclosure grade.

Data correction rules and workflows

Setup permissions, workflows and validation rules for automated and manual data correction.

Clear insights for cleaner environment

Performance Tracking

Dynamic multi stakeholder dashboards to visualize and track energy and water user, waste, and carbon emissions

Baseline and Benchmarking

Compare historical performance normalized for weather and other factors. Compare your facility performance to Industry benchmarks or against your peers.

Forecasting and Targeting

Set and track progress toward sustainability goals. Identify areas of improvement and plan better to meet targets by tracking and forecasting performance. 

Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance framework

Comply with environmental laws and regulations for emissions, water use, waste and effluents. Mitigate non compliance before it leads to penal action.

Anomaly detection

Automated data checks and anomaly detection engine helps you identify deviations and potential non compliances.

Risk Scorecard

Generate risk scorecard for your facility based on hundreds of  parameters like climate, emissions, effluent and other factors.

Powerful reporting and disclosure

Global Reporting Standards

Build in reports and data exports for disclosing energy and environment data to global standards like GRESB, CDP and other similar standards.

Regulatory Compliance Reports

Create regulatory reports as per environmental laws and regulations. Including automated and scheduled reporting to regulators.

Custom Sustainability Reports

Create custom reports to meet your organization internal, investors and other stakeholder needs.

Accelerate your organization’s journey to net zero with The Sustainability Cloud