Discover the efficiency of your PV panel with EnergyLogicIQ-Solar.

Real-Time Analytics to Maximise Your Solar Plant Yeild

  • Solar plant performance monitoring
  • Insights on scheduling of O&M
  • Smart demand management tool
  • Tool to measure net electricity, generated less used
  • Real-time performance ratio & solar yield calculation
  • Active monitoring for faults which are impossible to detect

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EnergyLogicIQ IoT Datalogger
Inverter Controller

Solar Yield Calculation

EnergyLogicIQ-Solar support you to calculate solar energy output of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

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Remotely Monitor All Solar Power Plant from a Centralized Platform

EnergyLogicIQ- Solar supports you to monitor your production in real time from all your sites stations from single centralized platform so you do not have to travel those remote sites for calibration and configuration.

Real-time Alerts over email and SMS

Know what is happening with your solar power plant, all in real-time.

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Yield Forecasting

Based on environment factors.

Hardware Diagnostics

Supports major inverter, energy meterand other instrument makes.

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Customised Reporting

Create custom reports to meet your enterprise MIS needs


Powerful reporting and analysis tools
Big data to monitor at any scale
Dashboards, reports, and export functionality
Manage entire portfolio of your solar plants
Real time solar plant performance monitoring
Enterprise class user access control
Create custom reports to meet your enterprise MIS needs
Generate Alerts over email and SMS

Use Cases

Online Solar Energy Monitoring- Use Cases

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Software to view my plant data ?
All you need to start viewing your data is access to a web enabled device like mobile phone, PC tablet PC or handheld device. No specialist software or equipment is needed, as the system is accessed via a secure web based account.
Is there any limit to monitor the number of sensors and inverters ?
Total 8 number of sensors can be connected with our EnergyLogicIQ-ADV Cloud connector along with 8 number of inverters. Certainly there will be limit of distance for various sensor connection with the EnergyLogicIQ hardware.
Can I upgrade my system to monitor further sources/sensors/meters/inverters at a later date ?
Yes you can, the system is limitless on the amount of devices and sensors it can monitor but you have to buy adequate software subscription for additional device being connected.
Is there limitation on the size of Power plant for monitoring ?
There is no limit criteria on the software to monitor as per plant capacity.essentially there will be more number of device in larger plants as compared to smaller plants.We work on Software as subscription model so our pricing is very transparent in terms of plant capacity.
How your monitoring system helps in operation and maintenance ?
Monitoring systems gives you clear insight of your power plant.normally solar panel requires cleaning on regular interval and adjustment, orientation as the season.Cleaning and orientation can be optimized and scheduled as per the actual need backed by data.
Why should someone invest in monitoring ?
There will be various revenue driven features which will be only provided once you do real time monitoring:
  • Immediate Reporting: EnergyLogicIQ sends immediate notification by email or text message in case of any malfunction or value crossing the specified threshold values.
  • Performance Monitoring: EnergyLogicIQ Solar ensure the monitoring of each device of the Plant and it also gives the plant performance.
  • Scalability and Centralised Monitoring: EnergyLogicIQ Solar is based on IoT and bigdata Technologies which offers scalability to monitoring millions of devices with lot of computations running at the same time. EnergyLogicIQ Solar offers centralised monitoring to Solar companies to monitor power plant at single points regardless of location and technology.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Real-time time monitoring provides best price/performance ratio for topnotch monitoring.Monitoring also ensures to record health status of critical device like inverter.