The Sustainability Cloud

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) to monitor your stack emissions and comply with regulatory requirements.

Acquire accurate CEMS data reliably and in real time 

With 99.99% up time it makes gathering data from remote devices over GPRS, satellite and broadband highly reliable.

Acquire data in realtime

IoT Gateways and Edge Gateways help you acquire stack emission data directly from CEMS analyzers or from your SCADA system.

Big data storage for scale

Acquire and store historical data at a 1 minute granularity without worrying about storage running out. Access historical data at high resolution.

Data quality verification

Automated data checks and anomaly detection for keeping your data clean and disclosure grade.

Hassle free compliance management for CEMS

Regulatory Compliance Reports

Meet CEMS regulatory compliance across different geographies with support for CPCB, SPCB, EPA and other regulators.

Violations and anomaly detection

Automated violation and anomaly detection engine helps you identify deviations and potential non compliance. Pre-build rules and support for global regulations.

Regulator Workflows

Exchange data with regulators with manual reporting workflow or automatically via regulator server APIs or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). 

Single platform for all makes of CEMS analyzers

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific¬†
  • Environment S.A¬†
  • Forbes Marshall
  • MetOne Instruments
  • Teledyne ATI
  • Emerson Rosemount
  • Envirotech
  • Uniphos
  • Horiba
  • Yokogawa

Clear Insights into your stack emissions

Interactive dashboards & reports

Powerful visualization through real time dashboards and interactive graphs.

Statistical analysis

Statistical analysis into emission trends so that you have more valuable insights into your emission data.

Powerful reporting engine

Pre-configured reports as per regulatory requirements and as directed by CPCB, SPCB, EPA and other regulatory agencies.

Spend less time on troubleshooting CEMS analyzer issues

Remote diagnostics

Automatically checks for station downtime and missing data. It triggers an alert over email and sms when there issues with station connectivity, analyzer or acquired data.

Remote calibration

Remotely calibrate your CEMS analyzers and maintain a audit log of calibration and its results for regulatory compliance. Performs zero and span calibration. Generate Qual 3 reports and charts.

How it works?

Key features

Data validation and correction workflow.

Big data to monitor at any scale.

Dashboard, report and export functionality.

Device diagnostic, management and remote calibration.

Realtime data acquisition over GPRS, LAN & Satellite.

Audit log tracks all changes and corrections to any data or analyzer.

Create custom reports to meet your enterprise MIS needs.

Alerts over email and sms.

Meet compliance in  continuous emission monitoring with The Sustainability Cloud