Smart Computers, smart mobiles, smart tablets, smart homes, smart cities, smart schools, and even smarter people, everyone and everything now-a-days is getting smarter. Then why does our habit of saving on Electricity Bills does not get SMARTER?

Smarter? Yes!!!

A study in the past showed that the World wastes around $1.4 Billion worth of electricity in a Month. This could be more than the GDP of a small country!!!

So, what is the solution?

SMARTER MONITORING and using/implementing those insights in the proper and right fashion is the answer!!!

Most Organizations get periodic audits done for the same, but what happens once the Auditors leave? The data is just dumped somewhere and no action is taken on the same. So the need of the hour is a monitoring system that works for you, keeps an eye on the data and gives you alarms, so that you can take action timely.

The time has come to be pro-active rather being reactive!!!

Energy Monitoring Systems are the proactive solution to the ever increasing problem. Low-cost solutions, that can provide you proper insights or for the matter of fact “ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS”, on how and where to save on Energy. 

The working module of an Energy Monitoring System

A good energy monitoring system works on IoT and Big Data. It captures the data from the asset and throws it back to the cloud server for the user to analyze the same and take corrective measures/actions for further enhancement of savings in electricity bills. 

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