Latest CGWA Guidelines on Groundwater Monitoring

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This article will share details on the Latest CGWA Guidelines issued by the regulatory body on the groundwater monitoring process. Central Ground Water Authority(CGWA) is a statutory body of India under Section 3 of the Environmental (Protection) Act 1986, for regulating groundwater abstraction, its usage, and monitoring. The authority functions by, Issuing No Objection Certificates…

Save Energy Consumption of HVAC with Efficient Lightening

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We all know that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it’s just converted from one form to another. But this does require effort and expenditure for that conversion to make it into use. And most importantly, it doesn’t make us immune to its scarcity. The world is already fraught with the increasing demand…

Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050

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In November 2015, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and also the ruler of Dubai, launched the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy program. Climate change is a serious concern. The earth’s temperature has increased by 2 degrees Fahrenheit in the 20th century alone. This situation demands attention because if…

Why Groundwater Management is important?

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There’s an urgent need to address the issue of groundwater scarcity all around the world. As per a report of June 2019, 65% of the total groundwater reservoirs in India have below-normal water levels. Another report from National Institute for Transforming India(NITI) states around 200,000 people in India die each year due to a lack…

YOURSTORY | This sustainability cloud startup is helping companies track their carbon footprint.

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We are glad to announce that our firm LogicLadder has been featured again at India’s most reputed entrepreneurship online magazine Read their article featuring us from This sustainability cloud startup is helping companies track their carbon footprint. Climate Change is a reality and we are committed to tackling this issue with our NetZero aim….

Energy Management & Its Importance

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Our world is already fraught with rising energy demands. As per the data available, the total energy consumption of the world is expected to increase by 48% before 2040, says a report published by US Energy Information Administration(EIA). But favorably, employing an energy management system(EMS) in a building – that aims to make use of…