Energy Management System

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In this article, you will know about energy management, its importance, steps involved in it, and we’ll also introduce to you our Energy Management System – The Sustainability Cloud. Table Of Contents What is Energy? Starting from the basics, if we talk about the term “energy”, then it’s defined as follows: “Energy is the capacity…

LogicLadder awarded at BIXPO 2017

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LogicLadder awarded at BIXPO 2017, Gwangju, South Korea We are proud to announce that LogicLadder has been awarded Silver award in Global Smart City Startup Battle Category at BIXPO 2017, Gaunju, South Korea. Bitagram International Exposition of Electric Power Technology (BIXPO) recognized as IFIA official event is to be hosted by Korea Electric Power Corporation from November 1 to…

Online Monitoring of Wastewater in the Common Effluent Treatment Plant

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1. Introduction Monitoring of wastewater parameters in a Common Effluent Treatment Plant is a challenging task due to intake of wastes, having diverse properties & composition, from various industries. Hence it is difficult to set boundary conditions on the measurement. UV/VIS spectroscopy is an efficient method for continuous monitoring. This method is based on Beer-Lambert’s…

Soft Starter – Easy motor Start and Energy Saving

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Starting has been a perpetual issue with motors. The starting current is high resulting in shaky start and related harms to shafts, gears, belts and so on. This problem can be reduced to some extent by using star /delta converter and VFD. Soft starters have been helpful in solving these problems apart from saving electrical energy. …

UV-VIS Spectrophotometry for Online Effluent Monitoring (COD, BOD, and TSS)

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Every living thing on earth needs water to survive. Human bodies are made up of more than 60 percent water! We use clean water to drink, grow crops for food, operate factories, and for swimming, surfing, fishing and sailing. Water is vitally important to every aspect of our lives. As we all know that ,…