What CGWA instructs on Saline Groundwater Extraction & what does it mean?

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The Central Groundwater Authority(CGWA) is the statutory body established under the Water Act, responsible for regulating groundwater developments all over India. Dated 24/09/2020, the statutory body released its general guidelines on the extraction and Monitoring of groundwater. In this guideline, it was also mentioned that there will be separate guidelines released for the abstraction of…

Why a low-cost gateway in an IoT project does not make any sense?

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An IoT Gateway is an integral part of any IoT application/project. So, it’s important that you know certain things about a good quality gateway device before investing your time and money in any IoT project. Also, as this will be a one-time investment on the hardware part from your side, you’ll definitely not want any…

Digital Water Flowmeter with Telemetry System for Groundwater Monitoring Compliance

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Are you looking for a Digital Water Flowmeter with a telemetry system for groundwater monitoring? As per the latest guidelines issued by the Central Groundwater Authority(CGWA), it’s mandatory for industries drawing 10+ Cubic Metres of water to get NOC and install IoT-based Digital Flowmeters for Groundwater Monitoring. Industry failing to do so may be penalized…

Causes and Prevention of Groundwater Pollution

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Groundwater pollution(or contamination), occurs when unwanted substances called pollutants, seep from the land surface into the groundwater during the groundwater recharge process. As per data available, more than 12 million people in India were affected by Arsenic in 2019, which is a lethal groundwater pollutant. Drinking arsenic-rich water over a longer period may cause cancer,…

CPCB Guidelines for Sewage Treatment Plants(STPs)[2021]

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As per the statutory regulations issued by CPCB, various infrastructures like Apartments, Commercial Construction Projects, Educational Institutions, Townships, and Area Development Projects meeting certain criteria have to install STPs for the treatment of sewage that they produce. The guideline rules cover aspects regarding the location of STPs, the STP technology to adopt, functioning as well…

CGWA NOC | How to get NOC from CGWA?

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As per the latest guidelines issued by CGWA, it’s mandatory for you to get NOC if you’re drawing more than 10 cubic meters of groundwater for industrial usages. And you also need to install an IoT-based Groundwater Monitoring System, or failing to do so may attract a fine of up to Rs 2 lakhs upon…