LogicLadder is working hard to improve your experience of doing business with us. Prompt and accountable support is one such experience that we are trying to improve. We have launched our new support portal to make support faster and more accountable.

We are also building a knowledge base that would help you to understand and leverage our products better. You can raise any querries on the products forums or create a ticket for any issues you are facing on the support portal. Our customer support is available for you at https://support.logicladder.com/portal/home.

Once you raise a querry or a ticket our team would come back to you promptly.

Posting a ticket or a querry on the support portal is a better and only way of requesting support from us. It helps us to track each of your requests and reply to them in a timely and efficient manner.

You can sign up on the support portal https://support.logicladder.com/portal/signup. In case you need some help, please feel free to mail to support@logicladder.com and we’ll be with you right away.

Thank You for using LogicLadder cloud platforms.