We stand for our planet by making Net Zero possible for our enterprise customers.

The world is in an environmental crisis. It has a grave impact on our health and existence. It is threatening our air, water, soil, climate, and the entire ecological system. If we carry on like this we would be in a deep crisis soon. We still have the time to change this. Net Zero is one such change. Let’s get it right now.

LogicLadder was founded in 2011. We are making net zero a reality for hundreds of enterprises. We believe net zero is not just a vision but a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint of emissions, pollutants, water use, and waste. Enterprises and governments are managing and achieving Net Zero with our software platform “The Sustainability Cloud”.



83 MMT CO2e

Emissions Managed

35.6 GWh 

Energy Managed

102 M m3 

Water Managed

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It’s not just a vision but a responsibility


It’s our responsibility towards every living and nonliving thing that is part of the planet we call our home.

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