Easy & Hassle Free – Managed Energy & Asset Intelligence

We provide energy and asset intelligence as a service. We are your energy efficiency outsourcing partner. We take away your entire headache of reducing energy costs. With our Energy & Asset Intelligence as a service, you can just relax back and enjoy the savings we bring.


Result Driven

We believe savings speak louder than words and reports. We just don’t deliver energy saving devices or software, but the savings itself. We implement the right tools to find out where your organization is wasting energy. We then help you implement the right actions, with defined ROI's, to reduce wastage and costs.

Your full service Energy & Asset Intelligence Company

When you want to join the energy efficiency wagon, count on LogicLadder's all-in-one service for its enterprise and government customers. You can rely on LogicLadder to get you to start making a difference and reduce energy costs. We take care of every step - including engineering, energy & asset audits, installation and ongoing monitoring & targeting.