Datalogger MSR145WD

Versatile, the size of a thumb, with display and Bluetooth Low Energy: the new MSR145WD wireless data logger.

Datalogger MSR165

MSR165 is 3-axis shock logger for long-term measurements up to 6 months. It is capable of stroing over 2 million measured values. It required low power due to its high performance 3-axis accelerometer .

Transformer Logistics Monitoring - Shock and Impact Recorder


This paper has been written with a purpose to assist manufacturers, transporters and all those who are concerned with the transportation of Transformers. The paper will help one to understand the problems faced during Transformer logistics, their outcomes and the reason for their occurrences. The various solutions to reduce transit risk have also been discussed.

Impact or Shock Recorders

Impact recorders are equipments that log shock value and the time it occurred. Impact reorders are used to monitor shipments where concealed damage is a key concern like Transformers. The purpose of using Impact Recorders for monitoring Transformers is: