Cold Chain Monitoring

Remotely monitor HVAC, temperatures and other environmental parameters of your warehouses from anywhere online and in real time. We help you implement online monitoring of your warehouses. Online monitoring enables you to identify unacceptable conditions that may occur immediately. A large warehouse is likely to exhibit differing temperature zones. Continuous temperature monitoring ensures that your goods are being stored within specified conditions & any problems identified immediately.

More than warehouse temperature monitoring

We also help you monitor other important parameters like energy consumption, fuel level, humidity, fire alarm systems etc. Maintaining temperature at an optimum level, coupled with efficient energy management can reduce your warehouse energy cost by up to 20%. Monitoring of flooding, door open/close & smoke can further reduce risk of costly product damage through monitoring, alerting and quick response.

Measure, analyze & improve

With such a solution, you are able to measure key operational parameters of your warehouses. We also integrate this information with your enterprise application. This enables you to take effective management decisions backed by valuable information.

Increase cold chain accountability

Making information available from real time automation system to enterprise applications brings in greater accountability. Real time alarms via SMS & email enable quick actions that can reduce damages.