Enterprises can reduce energy costs by up to 15%. But the big question is how and where?

So we analyzed a lot of data, talked to a number of people - and then we came out with concept of Energy Mix. For a large organization, the Energy Mix consists of – Price, Asset and Promotion.

Price - The overall price you pay for energy and break up of your energy basket.

Assets- Energy costs centers like plants, equipments, buildings and processes.

Promotion - Have your promoted the right energy consciousness into your organization.

We identified that you can change your energy cost substantially by tweaking this Energy Mix. So we decided to create a solution that helps you create and maintain an optimum Energy Mix. We provide the hardware, software and the knowledge to achieve the right Energy Mix. And we call it Energy & Asset Intelligence as a Service

Did you ever ask within your organization – “Are we using the right energy sources to fuel our enterprise?” Have you evaluated impact of center, state and local incentives, grant programs etc on your energy costs? Have you thought of substituting non-clean energy with clean energy? LogicLadder can help. We help you analyze your energy costs. In some cases, LogicLadder can help you qualify for energy efficiency related incentives that you couldn't qualify for on your own.

We help you identify the original energy efficiency for an asset. We then monitor it on a continuous basis. We identify issues and suggest improvements if equipment energy efficiency falls below the optimum level. We call this asset intelligence and we have done all the hard work to make it easy for you. Asset intelligence helps you arrest energy inefficiency before it affects your bottom line.

We empower your CSR team to create the greatest impact on the society while reducing your energy costs. We empower them to make your people responsible towards energy. Responsible employees build an energy efficient organization. They take the same energy awareness back to their home and help build a more energy efficient society.

Our hardware, software and experts help you to reduce energy costs by optimizing the Energy Mix through Energy & Asset Intelligence.

Everyone talks about energy savings. After the sale, you see neither them nor the savings.

We are aware of your fear and understand that you need more than polished sales pitches. So we created a very unique business model. We engage with you on an ongoing basis. We walk the road with you.