Backup generators get efficient

Thousands of generator owners reduce operating and fuel costs
with EnergyLogicIQ.

EnergyLogicIQ for Power Generators

Saves fuel. Saves money. All while keeping you updated about operating conditions in real time:

  • Fuel management and inventory
  • Energy generated
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Run hours
  • GPS position
  • Battery voltage

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It's ON. It’s OFF.
The Power Generator gets smarter

Immediately know when your generators are switched on. When fuel is filled in them or when the battery needs charging. Real time information on your smartphone from your smart generators.

More accountability.
Lesser fuel losses.

EnergyLogicIQ measure fuel consumed, filled or lost in your generator. It automatically reconciles fuel filled and operating efficiencies. When it detects any anomalies it will alert you. And it can do this without intervention across hundreds of sites.

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Maintenance reminders.
So that you don’t forget.

You might forget when you're generators need maintenance but EnergyLogicIQ will not. It will remember maintenance schedules based on run hours or periodic maintenance due and alert you in time. It will also alert you when it detects condition that may need immediate attention so that downtime can be avoided.

External Tanks.
No problem.

If your generator is supplied fuel from an external tank we can also monitor its fuel. Alert when fuel level is low or when we detect refill or loss of fuel.

Connects with your generator for greater insights

If your generator panel has a controller panel that has a modbus port EnergyLogicIQ can connect to it to acquire more information for greater insights and savings.

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