LogicLadder registers with IBM Global Entereprenuer program. IBM GEP is designed to be the ecosystem where companies come together to create a smarter planet.
Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities provides an executive dashboard to help city leaders gain insight into all aspects of the city. The executive dashboard spans agencies and enables drill-down capability into each underlying agency such as emergency management, public safety, social services, transportation, or water. Intelligent Operations Center allows city leaders to Leverage information across all city agencies and departments to make smarter decisions
LogicLadder's EMS solution when combined with the IBM IOC can help large enterprises and utilities to leverage the power of asset and energy data even at a city level. IOC's excellent analytics combined with realtime data can bring unparraled decision support system on board.
  • The combination offers the followign advantes to our customers :
  • Anticipate problems to minimize the impact of disruptions to city services and operations
  • Coordinate cross-agency resources to respond to issues rapidly and effectively
  • Monitor agency and citywide operations
  • Manage a broad range of government and commercial operations
  • Deploy rapidly with minimal IT resources

About LogicLadder

LogicLadder provides energy and asset intelligence solutions and services. LogicLadder has changed the way in which Energy Management is done by offering complete and holistic services to its small and enterprise customers including government and utilities. LogicLadder has the unique approach of combining Energy Data with Asset Data thus offering a holistic Energy and Asset Intelligence to its customers. LogicLadder gives customers control of their energy costs by letting them choose what is most important aspect of their business and by taking care of everything from design and permitting to monitoring and maintenance and owning the savings cycle. Visit the company online at www.logicladder.com and follow the company on Facebook & LinkedIn.
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