Best Practices in Lighting System



Two common misconceptions about Lighting System:

    1.  Purchase price of a bulb is the real cost

People must also consider the operating costs over its lifetime. Lifetime costing can show that a bulb or tube that appears cheap can be much more expensive in the long run. Usually the initial cost is 10-25% while operational cost is 75-90% of life cycle cost In context of lighting it is the incandescent bulb which is cheapest but costly to operate.

Soft Starter - Easy motor Start and Energy Saving


Starting has been a perpetual issue with motors.

The starting current is high resulting in shaky start and related harms to shafts, gears, belts and so on. This problem can be reduced to some extent by using star /delta converter and VFD. Soft starters have been helpful in solving these problems apart from saving electrical energy. 

Hidden Savings of Efficient Lightning System

The effect of efficient lighting on HVAC system is too substantial to ignore in payback calculation.

The Dilemma of Power Factor

How much can I save by keeping the power factor near to unity? The precise answer is that power factor correction does little to reduce energy usage.

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