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By krishna May 26,2014


Starting has been a perpetual issue with motors.

The starting current is high resulting in shaky start and related harms to shafts, gears, belts and so on. This problem can be reduced to some extent by using star /delta converter and VFD. Soft starters have been helpful in solving these problems apart from saving electrical energy. 

By krishna May 09,2014

The effect of efficient lighting on HVAC system is too substantial to ignore in payback calculation.

By krishna April 12,2014

How much can I save by keeping the power factor near to unity? The precise answer is that power factor correction does little to reduce energy usage.

By administrator April 09,2013

About the Application

Near space is the region of the Earth’s atmosphere that lies between 20 and 100 km above mean sea level (AMSL).  It encompasses the stratosphere, mesosphere and the lower thermosphere. The project was to fly scientific payloads, to near space region, for a fraction of the cost of a space experiment. The team of Akshata Nayak, A. G. Sreejith, M. Safonova and Jayant Murthy of Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore carried out this experiment.

Payload components

By Mayank December 29,2011


Article adapted from the link http://www.fruitnet.com/content.aspx?cid=11051


A trade delegation from India visited the US this week to learn from US cold chain experts how to improve fresh produce transportation in India

A delegation of logistics executives from India visited the US this week as part of a trade mission to improve India's cold chain infrastructure for transporting fresh produce.

By Nikita June 24,2011


This paper has been written with a purpose to assist manufacturers, transporters and all those who are concerned with the transportation of Transformers. The paper will help one to understand the problems faced during Transformer logistics, their outcomes and the reason for their occurrences. The various solutions to reduce transit risk have also been discussed.