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By administrator May 10,2016

Written by- Raj Saxena

Cloud means "Internet based computing" where various services like storage, servers and applications are available on-demand and charged as per the usage. It is basically based on the sharing of resources where the various resources which are available at same or different locations can be used by offered services which do their jobs as given. In this sense we ensure the maximum usage of resources and technology.

By Saurabh Khanna May 03,2016


Submitted by: Raj Saxena

The entire world today is talking about IOT, Big-Data and what they have done for managing the sustainability.

Let's check what IOT has to offer –

IoT stands for Internet of Things, a system of interrelated devices which have an IP address, means those are actually connected to the internet and can communicate to other devices.

What is the purpose of such system development?

By Saurabh Khanna April 26,2016


There is a vast difference in the meanings of both the words by what the dictionary and life teaches us.

Once such lesson taught was in the year 2005, the state of Florida was struck by four consecutive hurricanes, all making landfall, within a period of six weeks. The last major hurricane impact the state suffered was from Hurricane Wilma. It has been nearly a decade since the hurricanes have impacted Florida.


By Saurabh Khanna April 21,2016

“The strategy aims to provide 75% of the emirate’s energy through clean energy sources by 2050”  – said His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

By Saurabh Khanna February 29,2016


Today countries like India, Africa, Lebanon, Albania and many others rely completely on diesel generators due to the heavy power outages that they face. From industrial manufacturing plants to commercial buildings and multi-site retailers, all businesses are powered by DG sets. These DG sets have to be allocated a significant budget and they do take a shark’s bite out of the Net Profits.

By Saurabh Khanna December 16,2015


Click...Blood Sugar monitored.

Click…Blood Pressure monitored.

Click…Heart Beats monitored.


Click…25% Energy bills saved…!!!



Ever wondered, that saving energy bills could be that easy.

Ever wondered, that you could monitor the Energy consumption levels of your numerous facilities while you were taking your morning walk…!!!

Thanks to technology…!!!

By Mudasir Gulzar November 16,2015

1. Introduction

Monitoring of wastewater parameters in a Common Effluent Treatment Plant is a challenging task due to intake of wastes, having diverse properties & composition, from various industries. Hence it is difficult to set boundary conditions on the measurement. UV/VIS spectroscopy is an efficient method for continuous monitoring. This method is based on Beer-Lambert’s absorption law;

                                           A= Ɛbc

By Saurabh Khanna November 02,2015


Smart Computers, smart mobiles, smart tablets, smart homes, smart cities, smart schools, and even smarter people, everyone and everything now-a-days is getting smarter. Then why does our habit of saving on Electricity Bills does not get SMARTER?

Smarter? Yes!!!

A study in the past showed that the World wastes around $1.4 Billion worth of electricity in a Month. This could be more than the GDP of a small country!!!

So, what is the solution?

By administrator March 27,2015

Did you know India ranks 3rd amongst the greatest water polluters with more than 1,500,000 kg amount of water pollution daily? 

As per the Economist report (2008) over 1000 children die of diarrheal each day in India and the numbers have only increased.

Don’t you find these figures alarming? Well, the Central Pollution Control Board of India does.

By krishna June 10,2014



Two common misconceptions about Lighting System:

    1.  Purchase price of a bulb is the real cost

People must also consider the operating costs over its lifetime. Lifetime costing can show that a bulb or tube that appears cheap can be much more expensive in the long run. Usually the initial cost is 10-25% while operational cost is 75-90% of life cycle cost In context of lighting it is the incandescent bulb which is cheapest but costly to operate.