Written by- Raj Saxena

Cloud means "Internet based computing" where various services like storage, servers and applications are available on-demand and charged as per the usage. It is basically based on the sharing of resources where the various resources which are available at same or different locations can be used by offered services which do their jobs as given. In this sense we ensure the maximum usage of resources and technology.

This concept came into picture while applying the super computer or high performing computers which were being used to do military and research jobs execution which needs trillions of data to be executed and stored. By using the available resources on the internet we can reduce the cost of maintenance and execution and process a large volume of data at a very little cost as compared to investing in the setup of whole infrastructure and better of all we can reuse the same infrastructure with some other job too without reinvesting.

The Sustainability Cloud

There are several different meanings of "sustain" - to support, hold, to bear. Here sustainability means the system that maintains its viability by using techniques that allow for continual reuse of the same. The sustainable cloud means the system that can breath, live and live for long by using the own techniques where almost everything is available within its own environment.

There are very few in this world those are really worried about the environment and energy resources conservation. There are various conventional ways to save energy and environment but in the smart world there are several smart ways too to achieve the goal. Technology can help in this regard but putting the technology in this area is expensive. Due to this reason people are not very enthusiastic to use the technology. The very effective solution to this issue is cloud services which reduces cost of the technology because of the reuse and on-demand services. The sustainable cloud which is self progressive in terms of maintainability by using its own resources is more effective as it gives the total solution of the issue of energy and environment.

One of the solutions is being provided by LogicLadder with their products for Energy and Environment named as EnergyLogicIQand EnviroLogicIQ respectively. Both the products are aimed to the various energy resource monitoring and conservation techniques inbuilt. On the basis of data analysis these products provide the various intelligence solutions to customers to preserve the energy used and to save the environment from the emission of bad particles. Currently these products are taking care of various parts of India but spreading wings in the world with proud. These products generate the live data information on the screens to evaluate and generate the historical data too using the reports which can be used any time to analyze the issue and help to take preventive actions. This solution is being developed to have the intelligence to give the suggestions at various levels to the user which in turn can save energy and in turn cost.

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