There is a vast difference in the meanings of both the words by what the dictionary and life teaches us.

Once such lesson taught was in the year 2005, the state of Florida was struck by four consecutive hurricanes, all making landfall, within a period of six weeks. The last major hurricane impact the state suffered was from Hurricane Wilma. It has been nearly a decade since the hurricanes have impacted Florida.





Hurricane Effect


That means 10 years of people forgetting the serious consequences of being unprepared.

Many maintenance departments do not even give their generators the kind of attention that is needed.  Even worse, many agencies rely on an annual site visit to ensure the generator is still ready for these kinds of emergencies.Most of us go for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for the much needed check-ups of the Generator, forgetting that even a small fire can destroy a whole factory in minutes. 

A Failure can happen anytime, unexpectedly, even with the best maintenance program.  What one needs is a continuous monitoring system with alarm notifications! 

Features and benefits that make an Online Generator Monitoring System a NEED rather than a desire – 




So, do not wait for another hurricane to wake you up, subscribe to EnergyLogicIQ-Generator™ now. A Generator Monitoring System is a NEED not a desire.



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