MNRE & SECI Guidelines for Online Solar Monitoring

Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), New Delhi is registered under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956, as a Company not for profit, under the administrative control of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE).

MNRE & SECI have issued necessary guidelines for implementation of Grid Connected Rooftop & Small Solar Power Plants Monitoring. The following are the key points of the guidelines:

1. Remote Monitoring System & Software, for real time online continuous (24x7) monitoring, is required for plant sizes greater than 10 kWp.

2. The following sensors are to be installed and readouts integrated with the data logging system for each solar plant:

  • Ambient Temperature or Module back surface temperature
  • Solar irradiance measurement via Pyranometer or Solar cell based irradiation sensor. Calibration certificate for the sensor should be available. The sensor should be mounted in the plane of the array.
  • Digital Energy Meters to log the actual value of AC/ DC voltage, current & energy generated by the solar PV system. Energy meter along with CT/PT should be of Class 0.5S. The DC side voltage, current, and energy generated can also be acquired from the solar inverter.

3. The system should be connected with a central monitoring software via the internet/GPRS. The central monitoring software should provide the following minimum features:

  • The data should be acquired by the site data logger and pushed to the central server. It should then store and maintain these data records of each plant.
  • The data upload to the central server should be automatic without human intervention.
  • The system should log data locally (inside the data logger) in the case the central software server is not available or reachable e.g. in case of internet failure at the plant site.
  • The data should be accurately time stamped via NTP or GPS by the data logger. The central server should use these data timestamps instead of server data timestamps.
  • Dashboards for real time data visualization.
  • Graphical data analysis and report generation.
  • Download of plant data in CSV format.
  • User management - Secure login and accessible over the internet using a web browser.

4. Supply, operation, and maintenance of the online monitoring system are to be ensured by the solar plant supplier.

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We can help you meet the above requirements with EnergyLogicIQ- Solar. We provide the complete package with Datalogger, Pyranometer, Module Surface Temperature Sensor, and central online monitoring Software.

Key features include:

  • Real time solar monitoring system as per MNRE/SECI regulations
  • Integrates with almost any make of Solar Inverter and energy meter
  • Integrated Pyranometer and module surface temperature
  • Real time alerts over emails
  • Tool to measure net electricity i.e. generated less used

Following are the benefits of an Online Solar Energy Monitoring System-:

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