Submitted by: Raj Saxena

The entire world today is talking about IOT, Big-Data and what they have done for managing the sustainability.

Let's check what IOT has to offer –

IoT stands for Internet of Things, a system of interrelated devices which have an IP address, means those are actually connected to the internet and can communicate to other devices.

What is the purpose of such system development?

Using such system we can collect so much data from our surroundings which humans would take millions of years to collect if they would try to do so, in very less time. This volume of data can be used for many analytical purposes.

IOT Big Data

How this analysis would be done?

Here Big Data comes into picture. These huge data sets are termed as Big Data which includes the analysis, capture, search, sharing, storage, transfer and query on the data. Big Data provides several implementations for all these operations so that we can perform them easily and find out the useful data out of this huge volume. This data raises the bar of accuracy of the result as the analysis is based on huge volumes and not on a sample.

There are always two sides of every business scenario - Demand and Supply. In recent years, Big Data and IoT have gained the market as both demand and supply of the market are in favor of it. The supply factors like sensors to provide the data are getting cheaper, on the other hand the demand side is also getting higher as it is impacting the resource cost and managing the various categories in the market.

To reduce the cost of product and to maintain the cycle of production we can now rely on IoT and Big Data solutions for sustainability as the product of both of these technologies give us the formula to get the better product with the lesser effort and cost.

There are several areas where we can use this data for sustainability innovation like waste management, process management and energy saving and management. Currently we are having the data of generated energy which is the asset for the analysis and using this we can evolve several methods to save energy and save cost in turn.

EnergyLogicIQ and EnergyLogicIQ-Generator are two such applications developed by LogicLadder, provide the data collection facility which can be used for the analytical purposes and later one can suggest the customer for the better approach to save the energy at which place, time and what kind of resource.

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