Today countries like India, Africa, Lebanon, Albania and many others rely completely on diesel generators due to the heavy power outages that they face. From industrial manufacturing plants to commercial buildings and multi-site retailers, all businesses are powered by DG sets. These DG sets have to be allocated a significant budget and they do take a shark’s bite out of the Net Profits.

As per a study the average loss due to fuel pilferage/theft per diesel generator is $1,250 per annum which sums up to a global average of approximately $2.5 Billion per annum.

A Generator Monitoring System (GMS) provides an innovative solution and better understanding of the performance of the devices and their energy/fuel consumption, as well as gaining insights into fuel savings, operational efficiencies that to on mobile and web-based applications. This enables you to view the reports anytime and anywhere.

But, how do you know if you/your organization can benefit from such a system?

The below mentioned are the signs which suggest that you/your organization is need of a Generator Monitoring System

  1. Your diesel bill is a surprise – If your monthly diesel billing is a surprise package for you, then surely you are in need of a monitoring system! It can give you the status of fuel consumption and generator run hours, which helps you in calculating the average spent and setting budgets accordingly. 
  2. You suspect fuel pilferage/theft – You doubt that either there is a leakage in the fuel tank or there is someone who is trying to steal your fuel. To find out or keep a check on the same you need to have a monitoring solution which can provide you with the data of the real-time fuel level monitoring.
  3. Real time reporting tool required – There are various parameters that one can monitor over the Generator Monitoring System like: Generator on-off status, Generator GPS position, Powerful reporting & analysis tools, Real time alarms over email & mobile, Web & mobile application, Fuel level monitoring, & Fuel inventory management etc. Hence one can always get to know what is happening in real-time, anywhere and anytime.
  4. You want central location monitoring – Various organizations face the problem of central monitoring with sites which are spread over a vast geographical area. This is where an online monitoring solution can help. One can view “n” number of sites at one single platform at a single point of time and get real time reports for all.  
  5. You want to reduce maintenance cost – The biggest pain for the industry is the maintenance costs of the diesel generators and the schedule maintenance of the same. The generator monitoring software can help you with that. On the basis of the generator run-hours report you can easily schedule the timely maintenance checks and hence further reduce the untimely wear and tear resulting in cost savings.

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